Artificial Intelligence is creating waves of disruption across many industries, be it manufacturing or human resources (HR). One of the major industries which AI has penetrated today is supply chain and logistics. All huge logistics and supply chain organizations have begun embarking on such journeys with Machine Learning and AI helping them across different use cases across the industry. Experts say that by 2020, AI could be completely transforming warehouse operations, with improvements in efficiency, profits and targets. The warehouse powered by AI would become more responsive and dynamic.

With the above in mind, we began our journey with DHL and were called in by the operations department to help them understand how AI can help them power their warehouse operations.

We conducted a half-day workshop to help them understand Supply Chain 4.0, the various types of AI and Machine Learning and walked them through various algorithms (like neural networks, genetic algorithms) and machine learning models trained on real DHL warehouse data, the interpretation of its results and how these results can be effective in optimizing their operations multi-fold.

The participants and the organizing team found this to be very useful and implementable in their day to day operations!

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