Image analytics is one of the most prominent areas of research across various domains owing to technical advances in healthcare and medical, automotive, defence, agriculture and also to the exponential growth in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. Advances in the field of automotive, especially ADAS & autonomous vehicles, has brought about its own technical challenges.

Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition is one such important application which poses complexities and real time challenges. It is also one of the critical decision support systems in such semi and autonomous vehicles.
​We have build a solution around the same for Traffic Signs in Singapore using advanced Image Processing and machine learning techniques. It detects various traffic signs in real-time with a high level of accuracy.

​A sample output of the detection process is shown below.

The complete system houses a UI interface for the training of the system and the detection and recognition for both images and real-time streams.

A sample screenshot of the basic interface is show below.

Such solutions are very useful in building and testing algorithms for autonomous vehicles, especially since we are moving into an era of connected cars.

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