Jinrich Hanacek

Our organization is working to develop AI capability which is essential for the improvement of our logistic services. We organized a workshop to educate our employees about the basic principles. It was very well received and they appreciated the knowledge of the facilitator as well as the approach combining theory and practical hands-on activities. The workshop fully met our expectations and I’m happy to recommend it to all companies working on digitalization and aiming to leverage AI.

Michelle Zhang

Xaltius brings about relevant real work applications in the world of data science and puts together up-to-date syllabus in their training programmes. Their hands-on and practical sessions enable participants to quickly apply new knowledge learnt into good use. Their trainers are all passionate and knowledgable. As partners, they are dedicated and committed with the aim of ensuring that the partnership brings about value to all.

Neha Tyagi

The trainers have a great hold over the classroom environment and are quite knowledgeable. The training content is well structured. The sessions are completely hands on and we are always left with a base code that you can build on later. Overall, these sessions from Xaltius have been a great contribution to my personal goals in the area of skill development.

Hayden Singleton

I learnt a great deal in a short amount of time during my summer internship with Xaltius. The bosses were very friendly and supportive, and I cannot thank them enough for this experience. Traveling to Singapore for this internship was rewarding for me in so many ways.

Harrison Lam

During my 2018 summer internship at Xaltius, Singapore, I experienced what backend is like for software development, and they provided me the perfect opportunity to learn and try out data analysis. I learnt the importance of hierarchy, sql server and how to build a chatbot. Also, they have provided a lot of advice and resources during the internship program. This internship has prepared me well for my professional career on data science.