Data Science and Python, though not a lot of people may realize it, go hand in hand with each other. Businesses today, especially the higher level management, require to see accurate and efficient depictions of various data science solutions and projects. Knowing both bridges that gap considerably.

Xaltius took to imparting the fundamentals of both these areas to over 150 students at NUS Business School over an 8 hour, hands-on intensive seminar and workshop.

Through the workshop the keys takeaways for the students were:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Python and working with small datasets.
  • How to create basic data visualizations through seaborn in python.
  • How to tell a story about your data, which is one of the most important lessons.
  • Basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript which would help users learn about how to create basic web pages.

The end of the workshop ended by doing a small hack with the students where they were given data and had to tell a story around it. They were given an opportunity to present their findings and many of did amazingly well in such a short period!

If you are interested conduct such workshops and talks for your institution or be part of one, please get in touch with us.