Using System Design thinking, it is possible to design several innovations that can help in improving relationships. This blog details about some of the major steps that come under Service Design Methodology.

This step includes the generation of persona profiles for each stakeholder, the empathy map for the employee and customer and a customer journey map.

An example of persona profile is given below.

Moving to empathy maps.

A Customer Journey Map has been created to provide a clear view in the different emotions a customer experiences while visiting Mustafa Centre. Touchpoints have been identified where the customer might experience a certain satisfaction or dissatisfaction.


Below innovation concepts can be proposed and developed into prototypes.


A self-scanning system can be implemented. Hand scanners are to be retrieved at the entrance of the store by scanning the loyalty card. One of the immediate advantages of the system is that customers can directly put their buying products in their bag. Customers must register for the loyalty card. This will enable store to track who is using their self-scanning system, but will also provide data on customer behavior. This data might be viable for smoothening demand later. ​


An application will be brought into the market that can be downloaded on a smart phone. The application is developed to improve customer experience. The application will include several main features:
Inventory list
All products which store sells can be shown in the application.
In-store navigation
The application will include an QR code scanner in order to create a navigation system in the store. QR codes are spread across the store that specify a certain point in the store. The customer will select the product that it wants to find and the application will show the way. This system will also offer the ability to insert a full shopping list after which the application will determine the fastest and most efficient route to take through the store, including directions.
Digital barcode of loyalty program
Instead of receiving a loyalty card, the application can be used to have a digital barcode in order to retrieve a self-scanner.
Special offer for “undiscovered products”
The application can be used to offer loyalty customers special offers for products that remain relatively untouched in stock supply. By offering a profitable deal on such product for a limited amount of time, customers might discover these products after which they might keep buying them. This application of the app is according to the customers usually only buying the products that they know due to the threat of getting lost. Also, it will surf to smoothen demand and supply, by getting untouched products back in the selling process again.

System design thinking is a very important process while innovating and coming up with new business solutions.

Author: Xaltius

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