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Adroit - An AI-Driven Learning Management System for Advanced Learning Experiences

This LMS is designed to obtain a “yes” from everyone, including C-level executives, budget heads, and the busy workforce, since it is simple to understand, quick to use, and based on AI-driven interactions. Rather than checking out, your entire company is now focused on training.

The Adroit Zest

This AI-driven tool is a complete Learning Management System that streamlines and organizes educational activities. All parties in an organization or educational institution have access to functional and productive features, ensuring that learning is manageable and effortless for everyone. With all the necessary educational elements as well as useful Communication Portals, all the critical aspects of both synchronous and asynchronous learning are covered, ensuring that knowledge and skills are effectively transferred from trainers to learners.

Adroits' Smart Features

We believe that every individual trainer or learner is distinct. By introducing customizable learning experiences and incorporating personalized educational methods, this LMS addresses the unique needs of each and every trainer or learner.

Learner Profile Analysis

Designed to empower teachers and students by identifying suitable courses and teaching techniques. The technology automatically profiles learners into the right segments by including useful questionnaires powered by AI and machine learning, making the learning process more effective. 

Pre-Learning Engagement System

Learners must have a baseline understanding of the subject matter in order for any learning engagement to be fruitful. Our intelligent technology suggests pre-learning videos and articles so that the student is prepared before the training begins. 

Audio Analysis

Monitoring the teacher’s tone and enunciation is essential for keeping any class engaged. Our intelligent AI system monitors this and provides recommendations to assist the teacher in improving and providing the best experience possible. 

Video Analysis

Learners who are confused or have negative emotions can be identified using video analysis. Allows the trainer to reflect, review, and revisit. 

Classroom Engagement Tracking

After the end of a class, the data collected will be processed and turned into interactive analytical dashboards. Providing trainers and learners with practical insights to help them improve their experience. 

Adaptive Assessments and Grading

The AI system has the ability to modify the assessment’s difficulty level based on the learners’ response patterns. The system helps determine the learners’ level and provides them with the appropriate learning path. 

You also get the "conventional" features!

For educational institutions holding classes online, the issue of time difference for international students is inevitable. To resolve the complication of disconnected parties, this LMS comprises of numerous communication Portals for teachers to converse with students, vice versa. 

New learners who have joined the class halfway through the semester may find it relatively challenging to begin their educational journey. The module section shows a brief overview of what has been covered so far throughout the semester for the particular class, recommending and directing students to the suggested lesson they should start with.

Having to juggle many admin issues, administrators may face challenges due to the overwhelming volume of paperwork. Create and arrange classes in the blink of an eye for teachers and students using our LMS solution, saving time and effort on administrative processes.

It solves the issue of heavy workload by automatically generating Marked Attendance PDFs as well as recording down the history of payments received, offering easier management and accounting through its improved organization of documents.

When made accessible by trainers, LMS’s built-in gamification feature aids in increasing learner engagement for the younger generation of intrinsic learners through participation. Comprising various objective-based games, our LMS appeals to students through the hands-on learning element and healthy competition. ​

Easily accessible study materials are essential for students to learn well. Uploading of lesson resources, video recordings, and more are made easier using the ‘Files’ section. Teachers can upload study materials here and students can view these documents conveniently.

Create Your Own Customized Learning Environment

This customizable LMS isn’t just capable of empowering educators to go beyond the course expectations, it also encourages your students to explore and learn ahead of the curriculum in a way that makes learning functional, relevant to today’s growing inclusion of technology, and fun.

As a fully mature cloud-based Learning Management System, access to all the different documents contained is granted to users with just the push of a button.

The issue of disconnected parties due to differing time zones is no longer a problem. Communication and arrangement of classes are made easier and effortless.

Key educational features and more are beneficial and applicable to all the different parties of the institution. 

Adjust to your own preference using our customizable learning features offered. 


The Xaltius Difference

In today’s world access to insightful data is critical for ensuring growth and success for every student. Educators are constantly searching for ways to best address the learning needs of each individual. They are further challenged now that typical training/mentoring approaches aren’t helping out anymore. Xaltius’s Adaptive Learning and AI friendliness provide tangible insights and automated solutions that educators & trainers can use to help the learners gain proficiency earlier in the learning cycle, address gaps, and put all learners & trainees on the right path for excellence.


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