R is a tool which has been used over a long period of time and still continues to be used by both students and industries in the fields of statistics and data science. R continues to be important because of its versatality in these fields, especially in data exploration.

Xaltius conducted an R Bootcamp for the students of Yale-NUS to prepare them for their internal hackathon, Datathon. More than a 150 students were trained on R over the span of three workshops.

Through this R bootcamp, the students learnt how to do the following:

  • Webscraping using various R libraries and cleaning the scraped data.
  • Relational data cleaning and exploration through Exploratory data analysis.
  • Data Visualization using ggplots and plotly.
  • How business questions should be asked and given data how to approach the solution?

The students learnt the above through intensive hands-on during the sessions and self-practice. We received tremendous positive feedback and response from Yale-NUS for taking up these sessions.

If you are interested conduct such workshops and talks for your institution or be part of one, please get in touch with us.