An Augmented Reality Learning and Troubleshooting platform for Equipment


SmartLearn is an Augmented Reality driven application that allows users ranging from students to professionals learn about equipment, directly on the equipment itself without the need to read manuals or see videos.


SmartLearn allows the user to learn how-to-use an equipment in a step by step manner, and look at all the functions of the equipment as whole, facilitating experential learning, accelerated training and thereby higher retention.


SmartLearn can also be used by users to troubleshoot equipment on the go whenever any issues are encountered. The application provides voice based FAQ and comprehensive resolution steps to help you solve the issue in no time!





Accelerated Learning

The aim of the application is to help students and professionals optimise their learning capability by reducing the amount of time needed to take in complex information.

Experiential Learning

We want to provide a highly interactive platform and make learning fun, effective and engaging for all through Augmented Reality.

Higher Retention

We want to take learners into an environment where they are “pulling” content through their own discovery versus being “pushed” with content. That feeling of control results in much higher knowledge retention.

Interested in Experiencing Augmented Reality?

We are interested to work with business or institutions working with medical or healthcare equipment to help them accelerate the learning process for their personnel! If you are keen to have a word with us or explore more, talk to us today!