The era of “one fits all” type of service has ended. Nowadays, logistics solutions must be tailored to each customer. Full transparency of orders, visibility from the raw material stage to final goods sale, and reverse logistics have become standard for some commodity groups. With too many attributes governing global logistics and due to many different parties getting involved, providing the above level of service might be challenging at times. Traditional supply chains are reactive, but they cannot predict issues or highlight opportunities.
Using advanced analytics and real time processing, we can help businesses to transparently visualize the whole supply chain including its strengths, inefficiencies, and pain points. When your logistics and supply chain is supported with this, you can be proactive, increasing your inventory during peak times, and improving your key metrics.

​Data is the key to business growth here. Using such advanced analytics will propel your company to the next level.

For one of our POCs, we optimize the routes for around fifteen delivery trucks to deliver to hundred different depot locations in Singapore. This is based on the requirement of goods by the depot location, the goods which could be carried by the fleet and the real time road traffic conditions among other things. A sample dashboard is shown below. It essentially highlights the ease with which your business can plan, monitor and optimize logistics.

This is one of our capabilities. We can help you by developing a PoC for your business around Fleet Optimization, Route Consideration, Capacity Planning and On-time Delivery to help optimize your business.
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