Well, it is definitely said that all technologies must evolve or die. It was in 2003 that knowledge management was first proclaimed ‘dead’. ​At that point in time, based on the definition of knowledge management as formalizing the management of an enterprise’s intellectual assets, Gartner had estimated enterprise use at greater than fifty percent. But with every passing day, technologists and employees in general became less interested in acquiring and sharing knowledge, primarily due to knowledge being tied up in politics, ego and culture.

Fast forward to 2016, going into 2017. Knowledge management is re-emerging and evolving at a tremendous pace, much unlike the past decade or so.

Why this change? – ​Three main reasons have caused this uproar. Social media, crowdsourcing & IBM Watson-like search and analytics.

Social media was pivotal in permeating the computer society and source like wiki, quora became and tool of knowledge management. Organizations started establishing their own enterprise social media platforms to share and store information. Crowdsourcing (gathering information from the crowd) became a viral source since abundant knowledge could now be obtained from a hoard of sources. And lastly, the rise of cognitive computing changed the outlook of search.

Google trends, when analysed for the last five years, shows how crowdsourcing has influenced the revival of knowledge management from its ‘last breath’.

Earlier, it was just about content. With the addition of new ways to gather knowledge, it has become more collaborative. This has had a major impact in boosting the re-use of knowledge management technologies. Many organizations especially in manufacturing, maintenance, healthcare are re-adapting its use and coming up with new knowledge management systems.

In conclusion, this decade will see a fair amount of use of knowledge management and an increase in its demand.

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