Singapore, and other countries, over the past few years, have seen a steep rise in the population of its elderly counterpart. A major problem with this rising elderly population is the need to address critical cases such as community engagement, healthcare, medical emergencies, financial crisis and so on. This showcase presents a unique idea for a device using IoT, as part of the Singapore smart nation initiative, which addresses a few of these problems.

​This device mainly targets to reach out to three of the below areas:

  • Community Engagement – In order to engage like-minded elderly people.
  • Help on the fly – Deliver assistance to the elderly with the help of able volunteers.  
  • Medical Emergency – A quick response system which can help the elderly contact and emergency care unit.


For this implementation design a Raspberry Pi 3, a few hardware components and Python scripting are woven together. The architectural diagram is as shown below:

sThe elderly basically interact with the hardware components to call for medical assistance or volunteering services. The python code runs algorithms to do the needful and respond accordingly. The cloud storage and dashboards are used for analysis.

The basic flow for medical assistance and volunteering services are shown in the flow diagram below.

The advantages of having such a system are numerous – it is a one touch system, cost effective, portable, scalable and can be used for numerous causes.

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