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Xaltius is a technology and data-driven company with the expertise to provide innovative software solutions and training to customers worldwide. We work to enhance and drive superior business performance. We are a diverse team mainly focused on delivering personalized solutions in data engineering, data science and big data. Our vision is to simplify and refine data-transformation and  decision-making processes in core sectors like Education, Finance, Healthcare etc, nationally as well as internationally.

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How will AI (Artificial Intelligence) shape the Metaverse?

How will AI (Artificial Intelligence) shape the Metaverse?

 What is a Metaverse?A metaverse is a digital universe created by the convergence of enhanced physical reality and persistent virtual reality. It encompasses all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet. The concept of a metaverse is often associated with...

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Neha Tyagi

Manager, Audience Analytics, comScore Inc.

The trainers have a great hold over the classroom environment and are quite knowledgeable. The training content is well structured. The sessions are completely hands-on and we are always left with a base code that you can build on later. Overall, these sessions from Xaltius have been a great contribution to my personal goals in the area of skill development.

Tanwi Kaushik

Founder, The Sparks Foundation

As a technology partner, Xaltius with its deep expertise in varied technologies has been immensely helpful in bootstrapping our tech enabled apps and websites. Their expertise in Machine Learning and Data Analytics helps us see the results of our various programs and lets us understand the possible improvements we can make. We hope to keep gaining through this benevolent partnership.

Jinrich Hanacek

Vice President, IT and Customer Solutions, APAC, DHL

Our organization is working to develop AI capability which is essential for the improvement of our logistic services. We organized a workshop to educate our employees about the basic principles. It was very well received and they appreciated the knowledge of the facilitator as well as the approach combining theory and practical hands-on activities. The workshop fully met our expectations and I’m happy to recommend it to all companies working on digitalization and aiming to leverage AI.

Michelle Zhang

Head – Student Services and Engagement,

Informatics Academy

Xaltius brings about relevant real work applications in the world of data science and puts together up-to-date syllabus in their training programmes. Their hands-on and practical sessions enable participants to quickly apply new knowledge learnt into good use. Their trainers are all passionate and knowledgable. As partners, they are dedicated and committed with the aim of ensuring that the partnership brings about value to all.

Liora Wong

Country Manager, Code For Asia

Working with the Co-founders of Xaltius in a series of workshops, hackathon and conference has been nothing short of amazing. Apart from impeccable professionalism, their dedication is marked with fervor as well. Their deep knowledge in cutting-edge technologies make them a highly competent partner to work with.

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We provide customized trainings in Programming, Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing using the latest tools including Amazon Web Services, Python, PowerBI, Tableau, Microsoft O365 and others to upskill your employees and aid your digital transformation journey!

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