Xaltius is very passionate about helping budding coders and enthusiasts. The ‘Idea to Prototype’ event was conducted by Xaltius in conjunction with Code For Asia.

In any product design journey, the first significant step is to really think about the problem at hand and work your way towards designing a realistic prototype. This is what is called ‘Design Thinking’. The process involves team based participation, brainstorming, making paper prototypes and ultimately an app which resembles the final product through which one can tell the story of the solution.

Through this 6 hour hands-on workshop, the participants were taken through the journey of design thinking, given the opportunity to work with real problem statements, design low fidelity prototypes and lastly a replica of the final app using MarvelApp. This enabled them to comprehensively understand the process behind any prototype/product design.

We would like to thank our partners, Code For Asia, for giving us the opportunity to conduct this workshop.

If you are interested to conduct such workshops and talks for your institution, please get in touch with us