Latest Applications of Computer Vision

How fascinating would it be to extract hidden values from images and understand them even better! Computer vision is a subpart of artificial intelligence that provides AI and computer science enthusiasts the ability to modify and transforming images according to their...

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The Machine Learning Lifecycle

The machine learning life cycle is a cyclic process to develop, train, and use machine learning models. It elucidates each step that an organization needs to follow to take advantage of machine learning techniques and use them in their business. In simple words, it...

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Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing

What is cloud? Does it have anything to do with artificial intelligence? How is cloud computing and AI affecting the fast growing technological and business world? Let us dive in deep into exploring these technical terms and their dependence on each other. Wikipedia...

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4 Myths About Coding for Kids

As Computer Science continues to weave itself into more aspects of everyday life, the term "coding" has become ubiquitous throughout society. However, because a lot of the code executed in our everyday lives is embedded deep within the systems of the objects we use,...

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