Everybody who owns a smart phone has already experienced artificial intelligence in their lives. Technology strives to make everything faster and better.

Security becomes an integral part of such a fast-paced life, where humans are distracted by the macro and tend to overlook the micro things around them. According to the U.S Department of Justice, on an average, almost 4 million burglaries take place every year. Artificial Intelligence powered Home security systems rise to the occasion, offering a better and cheaper solution than what was previously offered in the industry.

Things of the Past

Traditional home security systems were laborious and manual in nature. It required  monitoring by people, taking shifts to keep guard 24 hours a day, thereby making it expensive. Even in the owner’s absence, the guards called up the emergency services if someone broke in.

A few years after the traditional systems were deemed insecure, home surveillance systems used simple sensors and alarms to detect intruders. Such systems did not require constant human supervision. If something went wrong, an alarm would go off and the security professionals would be contacted. But in most cases such alarms were false, which resulted in a major waste of time, money and resources.

The Smart Solution

Today, incorporating artificial intelligence into security systems gives it the ability to recognize the difference between an intruder and visitor. Through the advances of technology such as computer vision and deep learning, security systems have the potential to track the visitors and guests. Conventional security systems on the other hand would have sounded an alarm when they detected movement.

Police stations usually report that most of the alarms turn out to be false. Giving the owner the power to disable the alarm when there is no threat present saves time and money but will bypass that if the owner doesn’t respond soon enough, keeping one out of harm’s way.

Lighthouse is an example of a leading smart home camera, enabled with advanced computer vision and AI technology. The brand claims that it creates a 3D model of the room to understand what it sees, using technology from self-driving cars. Modern security systems also let the cameras be connected to the owner’s phone, so that they can view the security footage live or whenever required.

Connecting them all

AI security systems can also be integrated with the smart appliances at home. Amazon and other big companies are investing a lot of money into this. Digital Assistants like Amazon Echo, among others can work with the security systems, allowing them control over the cameras and electronic locks. They can even learn how to recognize the owner’s voices. Canary home security and intelligence is another leading brand which comes with a 1080p HD camera, 90 decibel siren and a built-in climate monitor. It is integrable with the Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

The Smart and personal assistants build upon the user inputs, using AI and “learn” to work well with the needs of the user. Machine and deep learning systems begin to track the habits of the user.

AI powered home security systems can thus understand when an event seems unusual, after learning from experience and tighten security levels accordingly. This is helpful especially for families who have frequent visitors or travel often, as the home security system reduces the number of false alarms. More modern AI based lock systems use machine learning to keep track of who is using their key to get into your home and when, thereby keeping the owner updated.

Future is in safe hands

Using AI to power home security combats many problems which were prevalent in the past. It also offers many benefits, letting the owners live more comfortably and securely. The systems which use Machine Learning, learn from experience, that is, the more often these systems are used, the more accurate their abilities become.

This blog was written by our Content Writing Intern – Rona Sara George. Click on the name to view her LinkedIn profile.

Author: Xaltius (Rona Sara George)

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