The fourth industrial revolution is bringing forward transformation powered by artificial intelligence in many sectors. The Human Resource department is no less affected.  While AI cannot replace the HR department as a whole, it can certainly bring forth massive improvement. Experts point out that many innovative methods using AI can be adopted to minimize unnecessary work load, while maximizing employee selection and their efficiency.  Machines can takeover tasks that are tedious and time consuming. It can also bring transparency and accuracy to many processes that are usually subject to discrimination. Thus, it would help make the process better and take informed decisions.

Data management and analytics

The data collected by the HR department of the corporates can be effectively managed using AI. Face-recognition and other technologies that are capable of identifying gender and measuring employees’ psychological and emotional traits can be used and the data generated can be used for analytics. Each employee’s performance can be analyzed in depth so that their employees will have a clear picture on who to keep and who to let go. Evaluating the workforce can bring about smarter decisions that will lead to better performance results.

Analyzing such data can predict the future ROI, increase or reduce engagement levels of employees, solve problems pertaining to completion of projects and other unforeseen glitches that would normally go un-noticed by the human eye. It can also provide insights to employees on how to work more efficiently.

The hiring process

Talent acquisition is one of the major areas where AI can be a blessing. An analysis of the resumes can put forward the best candidate for the job, with the algorithm giving importance to the factors that the company wants. Focusing on performance, culture and career-alignment analysis, AI can quickly identify whether or not a candidate is a good fit. AI will also be devoid of the biases based on race, gender or other factors that usually influence the process.

Replacing Administrative Tasks

Repetitive recruiting tasks such as sourcing resumes, scheduling interviews and providing feedback can be replaced by machines, giving the officials time to work on other matters. Conversational interfaces can be used instead of emails for communication. Chatbots can be used to answer real-time questions raised by either the employees or the customers.

AI can never replace this human driven sector completely, which places so much importance on personal relationships. AI will most likely never replace processes which involve connecting with top talent, providing a more personalized interview experience and establishing training and mentoring programs. In lieu of the above, Ben Peterson from BambooHR say that “increasing speed, quality and efficiency without sacrificing meaningful communication and relationships seem to be the right balance leading to the best possible outcome.”

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Author: Xaltius (Rona Sara George)

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