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Adroit - An AI-Driven Learning Management System for Advanced Learning Experiences

Our LMS is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, making it easy for everyone – including C-level executives, budget heads, and a busy workforce – to use and engage with. With AI-driven interactions, our LMS allows you to focus on training, ensuring that everyone in your company is fully engaged and empowered.

What is Adroit?

Adroit is an innovative AI-powered LMS that streamlines education and makes learning and teaching more efficient. Its cloud-based and multi-tenant platform offers personalized recommendations, automatic grading, and real-time feedback to improve the learning experience. Adroit’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface simplify the process for both students and teachers, making it the ideal solution for educational institutions and individuals. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills or provide training to your employees, Adroit is the perfect choice for modern education.

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Empowering Educators

Our mission is to empower educators with the necessary tools and resources to achieve their professional goals. We strive to support their growth and success through our commitment to providing the best support and resources available.

AI Powered Assistance

Our AI-powered Learning Management Solution improves student learning by automatically fetching relevant online content to enhance their knowledge and skills. This promotes a qualitative learning environment and increases student productivity.

Improved Learner Motivation

The learning management system places a strong emphasis on learner motivation, with the goal of improving engagement and increasing motivation. By fostering a supportive and interactive learning environment, we aim to drive student success.

Business Opportunities

Who can get the benefits of a LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) can benefit various organizations, such as schools, colleges, businesses, and government entities, as well as individuals looking to improve their skills and knowledge. LMS can streamline the process of creating, managing, and delivering educational content, making it easier for organizations to provide training to their employees and students.

Business Opportunities

The Adroit Zest

This AI-driven tool is a complete Learning Management System that streamlines and organizes educational activities. All parties in an organization or educational institution have access to functional and productive features, ensuring that learning is manageable and effortless for everyone. With all the necessary educational elements as well as useful Communication Portals, all the critical aspects of both synchronous and asynchronous learning are covered, ensuring that knowledge and skills are effectively transferred from trainers to learners.

Adroits' Smart Features

We believe that every individual trainer or learner is distinct. By introducing customizable learning experiences and incorporating personalized educational methods, this LMS addresses the unique needs of each and every trainer or learner.

Learner Profile Analysis

Designed to empower teachers and students by identifying suitable courses and teaching techniques. The technology automatically profiles learners into the right segments by including useful questionnaires powered by AI and machine learning, making the learning process more effective. 

Pre-Learning Engagement System

Learners must have a baseline understanding of the subject matter in order for any learning engagement to be fruitful. Our intelligent technology suggests pre-learning videos and articles so that the student is prepared before the training begins. 

Audio Analysis

Monitoring the teacher’s tone and enunciation is essential for keeping any class engaged. Our intelligent AI system monitors this and provides recommendations to assist the teacher in improving and providing the best experience possible. 

Video Analysis

Learners who are confused or have negative emotions can be identified using video analysis. Allows the trainer to reflect, review, and revisit. 

Classroom Engagement Tracking

After the end of a class, the data collected will be processed and turned into interactive analytical dashboards. Providing trainers and learners with practical insights to help them improve their experience. 

Adaptive Assessments and Grading

The AI system has the ability to modify the assessment’s difficulty level based on the learners’ response patterns. The system helps determine the learners’ level and provides them with the appropriate learning path. 

Explore the Benefits of Our Standard Features

The Drawbacks of Training Without a Centralized Learning Management System

Duplication of training programs results in ineffective use of resources and time. The lack of efficient tracking and reporting systems makes it challenging to assess the impact of training programs. The absence of online learning options restricts the accessibility and convenience for learners. Addressing the diverse requirements of different users can be a challenge and the inability to integrate software creates a fragmented training experience. These issues can pose a threat to the success of training programs and ultimately affect their overall effectiveness.

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An LMS is a software solution that helps organizations manage and deliver educational content, track employee progress and measure training effectiveness. It facilitates administration, documentation, tracking and reporting of e-learning programs and development initiatives.

The main function of a Learning Management System (LMS) is to assist organizations in managing and delivering educational content, tracking employee progress, and measuring training effectiveness.

The benefits of Adroit LMS are:

1. AI-driven interactions for an enhanced learning experience.

2. Access to functional and productive features for all parties in an organization or educational institution.

3. Customizable learning experiences to address the unique needs of each trainer or learner.

1. Educational Institutions (Schools, Colleges, and Universities)

2. Corporate training organizations

3. Government training programs

4. Non-profit organizations

5. Online educators and tutors

Adroit LMS can improve a trainer’s skills by streamlining course delivery, offering robust analytics, supporting flexible learning options, facilitating collaboration, and enhancing learner engagement through interactive features. The platform provides trainers with the tools to deliver effective training programs and continuously improve their skills.

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