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Xaltius uses the latest machine and deep learning technologies to give your business the technological edge to be one step ahead.

The solution provides personalized travel itineraries to travellers around the globe.

The solution bridges the gap between knowledge experts and beginners across various industries.

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About us

Xaltius is a technology driven company with expertise to provide innovative software solutions to customers around the globe. We work to enhance and drive superior business performance.

We are a multi-cultural and diverse team mainly focused on delivering personalized solutions in data science, computer vision and knowledge engineering. We are also host to an innovation hub which works towards building sustainable and reusable idea-driven products having a high social impact and benefiting the general society.

Xaltius believes in giving back. We support The Sparks Foundation, a Singapore based NGO, which aims at empowering students towards a better and brighter tomorrow.









R is a tool which has been used over a long period of time and still continues to be used by both students and industries in the fields of statistics and data science. R continues to be important because of its versatality in these fields, especially in...

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Data Science and Python, though not a lot of people may realize it, go hand in hand with each other. Businesses today, especially the higher level management, require to see accurate and efficient depictions of various data science solutions and projects....

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Deep learning is an aspect of artificial intelligence (AI) that is concerned with emulating the learning approach that human beings use to gain certain types of knowledge. It is fast becoming a technology to reckon with and has been quite in vogue. Xaltius...

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What Our Clients Say

As a technology partner, Xaltius with its deep expertise in varied technologies has been immensely helpful in bootstrapping our tech enabled apps and websites. Their expertise in Machine Learning and Data Analytics helps us see the results of our various programs and lets us understand the possible improvements we can make. We hope to keep gaining through this benevolent partnership.
Tanwi KaushikFounder, The Sparks Foundation
Working with the Co-founders of Xaltius in a series of workshops, hackathon and conference has been nothing short of amazing. Apart from impeccable professionalism, their dedication is marked with fervor as well. Their deep knowledge in cutting-edge technologies make them a highly competent partner to work with.
Liora WangCountry Manager, Code For Asia

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